Clearance Furniture - Don't Trust Inxstous on EBay

Midland, Michigan 1 comment

My wife ordered $15,000 worth of furniture from these people to replace what was lost when our house burned down last year.They gladly took our money and told us to expect delivery in a couple of months.

Delivery was delayed several times, when it finally came, the delivered a dining table but forgot all of the chairs as well as the buffet. We contacted them and they said they would send the chairs in a few weeks. More empty promises. They eventually agreed to refund us for the missing items.

However, they did not refund any shipping and they blocked my wife from accessing their EBay store. No wonder they have so many glowing comments.

My advice to the community --- Caveat Emptor!They are poor business people when it comes to furniture and customer service.

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At least you got your purchase refund. We are still out $1300 for our two chairs.

Joyce Payce's tel 336-945-0845

Ben Proctor's tel 919-696-9177

Clearance Furniture - DO NOT BUY FROM INXSTOUS on E-Bay RIPP OFF

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I ordered a BEVELED Thomasville mirror, paid 400.00 from INEXSTOUS, they never said the glass was replaced with non Beveled Mirror, when it arrived I was not the mirror I ordered, they used the Thomasville Picture for the listing, then they said they were not going to take care of it because i CALLED TO MUCH, they would refund my money, NO REFUND, Nothing Now they will not return my call or e-mails and I have a big junky ugly mirror taking up 1/2 my dining room, 400.00 dollars is 400 Dollars, ITS About princable, I will never let them get by with this stunt, if I have to loose money over this I will, but they will refund my money, i am calling the Attorney general too!!! They are in lexington north carolina, does anyone know what there store name is, if so e-mail

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Nc clearance furniture

Livingston, New Jersey 0 comments

I was looking for a piece of furniture, happened to stumble on a listing on Craigslist.Greensboro Craigslist.

I emailed about the piece of furniture I was interested in, recieved a email back from Matt Davis. The listing looks to be a furniture store going out of business and liquidating furniture at extremely good prices. Company is NC Clearance Furniture, 200 N. Church St.

Lexington, NC.

Looked up reviews to find horrible things about this company.Many people saying that the company fell off the face of the earth, hoping that maybe this address could lead some customers to answers.

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Beware of NC Clearance Furniture on Ebay

Toronto, Ontario 14 comments

NC Clearance Furniture appeared on Ebay just after Discount Quality Furniture was pulled. Discount Quality Furniture (DQF) was a long-time seller on ebay with excellent feedback and loyal customers, including myself. DQF starting skipping out on their shipments (including mine) and was eventually pulled off ebay. DQF was/is run by the Davis family (Matt Davis and his sister Amanda Davis, with the involvement of their father, Bill Davis).

I noticed NC Clearance Furniture was selling identical items I had already seen with DQF. I decided to call and ask for Matt and Amanda. You guessed it, they both work there, but I was told neither was in the office. My calls are screened everytime and I am unable to speak with them directly.

Bottom line, be careful if you are buying anything from NC Clearance Furniture on EBAY. Use a credit card and dispute the charge if you do not receive shipment within 30 days.



Matt Davis is going by the name Matt Harmon and his ebay listing are under the name hsm_furniture. His website is

address and number

1517 Blandwood Drive

High Point, NC 27260

Tel: 336-929-9437


Yes, Amanda Davis is the correct name.

I myself worked in the High Point furniture industry, and not all are like this one. Now as an independent designer, I have delt with Amanda. She is a patent liar, arrogant, elusive when there is any concern whatsoever.

I have physically walked through the DQF warehouse. I would say that at least 60 % of what they sell is repaired, previously broken, and more than just minor scratches. I personally saw repiarmen attempting to glue together mismatched parts, etc.

Save yourself the frustration. Don't deal with any of the aforementioned persons or entities.


NC Clearance Furniture

200 N. Church st.

Lexington, NC 27292



I guess these guy's have really cleaned up there act because I have bought several items from them and had nothing but excellent service. In fact I've refered them to family and friends and they to have nothing to say but good things about there business ( especially Mike Bellow, the seller who has worked with us from start to finish). Highly recommended!!!


I am looking for an address on these people...can anyone share? I have been scammed on a dining room table..I am way pissed and not going to setting to be screwed!


I purchased a Thomasville chest of drawers from iwillsellit4u on e-bay, received email correspondence from Matt Davis, and not only did I pay no tax or shipping, but I received the piece at my door in Houston, Texas in 5 days. And even though it was a floor model, it had no visible flaws or markings on it. I just saw this thread and felt the need to back these guys up since I was so pleased with my purchase.


Another unhappy customer here.I bought several $$$ items from 1stbidwins without incident, however my last order was short-shipped, and despite repeated promises and a LOT of compromise on my part - including agreeing to accepting a lesser quality piece of furniture when they "lost" the one I had ordered and paid for - I still have NOTHING in hand.

It has been many, many weeks and they are now avoiding my phone calls/emails. Sadly, I paid by check because I was told "their merchant account was not set up yet" to accept credit cards, so I guess I am out of luck, and since I bought the last couple of items directly (not thru Ebay) ...

I really have no recourse.BUYER BEWARE!


I ordered some items from NC Clearance dealing mostly with Ty McSweeny too.Everything seemed fine until we received the order.

One item was fine but two others were damaged and another was the wrong piece. What a surprise as soon as I called about the problem Ty stopped returning my calls and emails and then the whole company seemed to drop off the face of the earth. I contacted my cc company (TD Bank) who did absolutely nothing.

Has anyone contacted the BBB or attorney generals office?I don't understand how the people that operate this company are continuing to be given resale permits, allowed on ebay,and paid by major credit card companies for poor or undelivered merchandise.


BE AWARE THAT ebay sellers iwillsellit4u2 and 1stbidwins are both affiliated with NC Clearance/Discount Quality Furniture. "DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THESE SCAMMERS".


1stbidwins is now selling NC Clearance Furniture (previously DQF).I questioned who their supplier is because I wanted to purchase a Thomasville desk and NC Clearance Furniture was selling the identical one previously before their account was pulled of ebay.

I was hesitant to purchase from them again, because the desk I had purchased previously, was damaged and unusable. I called my credit card company and they did a "charge back". I guess, I was one of the lucky ones. Now, I tried a "buy it now" on ebay for another desk, and my transaction was blocked.

So now I will contact ebay and make them aware of this shady outfit again.

Do not buy from 1stbidwins.I do not understand how ebay allows such a sham to continue.


seem they have changed names again. Now may be 1stbidwins


Comments above seem correct.I too have had many emails with Ty McSweeny who acted as go between.

Bought King bed which arrived as Cal. King.

I filed a complaint and NC Clearence Furniture disappeared.I too believe is their new listing.


Wow, I wish I would have seen this before I bought from them.I work for a furniture store and we had a customer that was interested in these discontinued pieces that we no longer have, I got in touch with someone from NC clearance Furniture (Ty McSweeny) and was receiving constant emails until our check arrived at their PO BOX.

It's been in their possesion since April and I have not heard from him.

I've left dozens of voicemails and emails.What a scam.


Update: NC Clearence furniture was also pulled off ebay and it looks like is selling all their items.

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Clearance Furniture - is a scam,

Saint Paul, Minnesota 13 comments

I made an inquiry regarding the above posting and received the following response:

Hello ,You requested informations about our CL ad. We are dealers for not sold furniture. You can find more informations about the item in our webstore at .

FAQ section is full of useful informations.Check it out.

For those not in MT and without any friends around to pick up for them we offer our cheap White Glove Service which means you get Shipping, Assembling and debris removal for

just $100 anywhere in US.

Thank you,

Tim Goddard - Administrator


When I attempted to contact the Mr. Goddard at 406-662-0335 I only received voicemail from a male with a heavy east block accent (Russian?). I did not receive a return call. When I check the IP address data base for the web site ( .) it shows contact info / address that is non-existent (i.e. Tim Goddard, Clearance Furniture, 234 Morrison Ave, Teton WY 83025, telephone 888-323-0232). The 888 telephone number belongs to an unrelated company with no knowledge of Tim Goddard. An IP address in Kherson Ukraine set up the web site and that contact number too is incorrect. I noted some blog entries from the web of customers that had been victimized by the authors of this site.



You certainly have some agreeable opinions and views. Your blog provides a fresh look at the subject.


I too was scammed out of $755.00 for a swing set.I contacted Greendot and they said if the police asked for Tim Goddard's real information they would give it to them.

If anybody has any legal pull to get some law inforcement to investigate maybe we have some hope.But the money Greendot said, was good as cash and we could not get it back.


Hello All, Be sure and contact Green Dot Money Pak and seek a refund through them. I have reported the fraud to them and am working on a refund.

(800)473-3636 or


I was scamed also 650.00 I have called the company and called after about a month of no funiture. I started to look into the order and the web page did not work and the phone # goes to a v mail. Good Luck catching the (sob)people or person I hope he rots in JAIL for all he had done to people.


I am still waiting for my grill. Looks like I too am out $700


My husband and I ordered playground equipment and paid $750.00 which including the white glove shipping.Payment was made by Green Dot Money Pack.

We also we have not heard from Tim Godard and have made several attempts to contact him via email and voice message.I will also file a report with BBB.


They got me for a $700 Weber Gas Grill. They strung me on for 2 weeks with emails, accepting my order, processing my order, payment received, and even sent me one saying my order had shipped!


GOT ME TWO, filed complaint with

(FBI)lets nail this SOB


My wife and I ordered playground equipment before Christmas and paid $950.00 which including the white glove shipping.Payment was made by Green Dot Money Pack.

Regretfully, we have not heard from Tim Godard and have made several attempts to contact him via email and voice message.We continue to work of tracking this low life down until he is at lease out of business or in jail.


I reported this company to the BBB and I suggest other do the same.


Im going to hunt these people down,they better always be wathing there backs from here on out no matter what state or country they are from!!!!!


Thank you for this information. I was searching for a particular outdoor dining set with a price tag that was to go to be true. Well, they do not take CC and I e-mailed them that I felt more comfortable using my AMEX, here's the response today.


I understand your concern but the only reason we don't take your AMEX is

because we don't take cards at all for the moment.

You can simply wait till we receive our Merchant account or you can pay

as we accept now.

Thanks for understanding,

Tim Goddard

Like they say "if it's to go to be true, it is!" I knew it was a scam, I had that bad feeling in my stomach. Thank you!


Has anyone actually tried to order something from this site?I just looked up the web address on and the address for Tim Goddard does not exist.

I tried the number and it was a different company name.

I'll try again when they open.I am also going to call Costco and the playset manufacturer to see if it even possible that they have these items.

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Clearance Furniture - Avoid it is a scam

Dallas, Texas 16 comments

This is yet another Craigs list scam, which is now operating under a new website. They try to lure you with too good to be true prices on items claiming they are a liquidation type site. They tell you that you can pay with PayPal, but what they are trying to get you to do is buy a "green dot money pak" which you can get at reputable retailers like WalMart, CVS, etc. But whey you go to pay they have you enter your activation codes for your cards, which means they now have your money and there is nothing you can do.

Here is a sample email I got after replying to their CL add:

You requested informations about our CL ad. We are dealers for not sold furniture.

You can find more informations about the item in our webstore at .

FAQ section is full of useful informations.Check it out.

For those not in MT and without any friends around to pick up for them we offer our cheap White Glove Service which means you get Shipping, Assembling and debris removal for

just $100 anywhere in US.

Thank you,

Tim Goddard - Administrator




I almost fell for this scam after seeing a swing set on craigslist! They told me to go to and I really didn't like their payment method, and the price looked too good to be true......


I appreciate the info.I was interested in the furniture they advertised on Craig's List.

But didn't believe they were legit when I couldn't find anything about them on ebay and then they said to take my cash and purchase a moneypac from a local drugstore.:? Scarey there are so many scams and conartists.


This is terrible!I almost got suckered in too but I had a bad gut feeling, and didnt do it.

Im sorry to hear your loss.please continue to update to see what the police does, paypal and moneypak.


this is absolutely terrible.I ALMOST bought a swing set, gazebo, and patio furniture from them.

The only reason I held off is because we just moved and are preparing the backyard for the new swing set. I feel so bad for all of you, it literally makes me sick. I pray that everyone gets their money back and these disgusting people get caught.

I will also post on craigs list a warning.If everyone does one or two postings a month, maybe we can prevent others from getting sucked in as well.


Count me in as another victim.I got suckered on a swingset for 755.00.

I'm trying to get the police involved as the Money Pak people say they have the names and account numbers of the prepaid cards our money went to.They require a subpoena to release that info and my local PD is to backlogged to assign an investigator right now.


anyone scamed should report it on IC3 (FBI)internet crime unit


It looks like I got scammed also. Paid $755 via money pak to them for a swing set (my childrens holiday present saved up for months), and now their website is down. Emails come back undeliverable, and phone no is a message from a really strange voice and accent (sounds fake Canadian)


I almost ordered from them, then I told them I had a friend in billings that could pick up from there wharehouse with my money.Never heard back from them.

I notified paypal since they were using their logo and trying to pass off moneypac as a paypal affiliate.I guess they got involved


Does anyone know if we can get the police involved?now that we have the new website where we can find them?

I don't understand how craigslists doesn't have any info on these a$$holes! We too purchased some play sets for our kids and got scam with $950.00. this was supposed to be my childs christmas gift. Last time i heard from them was on 1/26/10 they emailed us that our order had shipped.

I found out it was a scam when i tried contacting them for an ETA couldn't find the web site.There has to be something we all can do to get these bastards.


I too ordered from this site. Kept telling me the item shipped. Never showed so yes I too am out big bucks.


I ordered a swing set for my daughter from Clearance Furniture.I had no idea it was a scam until I tried logging on to the site to show a friend the set I purchased.

It has come up every other time I have clicked on the site, including yesterday, but today it no longer works and all I got was a page of links to other people who have been scammed like you and me. Does the website still exist for people to buy stuff? Can anyone else get on the site? How many people have lost money?

And when did you buy your items?When did you find out it was a scam- how long between the order and non-delivery of expected items?


Please FLAG these guys on every craigslist you can!Post about them being a scam so you can help others from making the same mistakes!

I've sent numerous e-mails to get them removed to no avail! I posted about them scamming people on craigslist, and I keep getting e-mails from shoppers and customers about, and it ain't pretty! Nobody has ever received anything from them in return for their money and none of the other pay options even work on the site, they are just for looks! I'm still working on how to track these guys down.

If anyone knows a computer genius that can track down the origin of any e-mail sent by them, please ask for their help!:( Let's get these guys!!


If this is true, then I was a victom! Please help, is there anyway I can get my money back? Is there anyone I can contact to go after these guys?


what happened to you did you send a money pac or you did not make a purchace and if so what happend to you


It is true this is a scam


Do not do business with this company, It's a SCAM.

Avoid or lose money $$$$

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